About the project

EUCAPA aims at providing patients and patient experts with the adequate knowledge and skills to effectively participate in the Health Technology Assessment (HTA) process.
This requires the following:

Process Insight
A clear understanding of how HTA processes work, what information is requested and how it is analysed. Typically, this data is not easily accessible for a general audience, as it implies extensive statistical and medical knowledge. For this reason, patient experts need training to properly provide their feedback.
Awareness & Collaboration
Awareness of the scope, impact and key principles of HTA and the trade-offs that come with health technology application. EUCAPA wants to ensure that patients are provided with the necessary knowledge, such as an understanding of the legal framework and skills required during the HTA process, to collaborate with experts, bring relevant evidence and input.
Treatment Evaluation Support
Meeting the growing demand from patient organisations for structured training and information about evaluating treatments for their medical conditions.
Patient Empowerment
Ultimately, empowering patients to advocate for their own and their communities' rights, both at a national and supranational level. To communicate what they have learned about patient involvement is crucial to convey the implications and relevance of these practices to a general audience.

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